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bloesem wear Bloesem wearThe new Bloesem wear collection, handmade necklacescreated by Irene Hoofs, using real Pearls, Amazonite, Jasper, Citrine, and other gemstones that are mixed with silver, silk, and gold, are now available.

Bloesem Wear combines my passion for crafts, pearls, gems and colors. All of the jewelry is handmade by me, and from original materials. It comes in flat-packed Bloesem Wear designed envelops, or a handmade linen pouch.

I haven’t forgotten about the little girls in our lives, and have also made them some special pearl necklaces herehere, and here. Or maybe they’d prefer gemstones? That option is a sweet necklace with real aquamarine or strawberry gemstones..

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